The day I was done 

I tried to be understanding. 

I tried to see the good in you. 

I tried to fix things that you messed up.

I tried to help you and the situations you got yourself into. 

I tried.

But the day that you decided to walk all over me, I was done.

The day when you let monetary and material things mean more to you than a person you claimed to love, I was done.

The day you chose your habits, your anger, your lies and your hatred, I was done. 

The day I saw that you were more bad than good, I was done. 

The day you were too selfish and destructive, caring for no one but yourself and not caring who your choices affected, I was done 

You see, as I’ve grown up, I’ve learned to take a stand for myself.

As an adult, I make choices and have responsibilities.

I take care of those things because, you see, my choices affect others, too.

My choices affect my husband, and 3 innocent animals that depend on us.

I don’t complain about having to do the things I signed up for in life.

However, I have every right to complain when your choices affect me and my life in a negative way. 

Therefore, when it happened repeatedly, I was done. 

I was done for good the day when I had finally had enough. 

I was done the day I realized “this time” would be no different than any of the last times or next times. 

I was done when I decided to choose me and my life over your drama! 

I was done with everything for you except prayer, forgiveness, and the love of Christ.

But you just need to remember that forgiveness doesn’t equal forgetting. 

Forgiveness doesn’t mean more chances. 

The truth is some people are more toxic than having them in your life is worth.

Letting them go doesn’t mean you are a bad person. It just means that you are done, done letting someone else influence your life negatively. 

You can love people and pray for them from a distance. 

The day I was done, was the day I became much happier and I wouldn’t change a thing. 

If you have someone in mind while reading this, why aren’t you done yet?

Well wishes


***attached is a link that I found to be a good read concerning this subject. All credit for this link goes to the original and published author


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