Eat a cheeseburger, and shut your mouth. 

There is a a line.A line that goes from 00 to 32+.

This line is known as clothing sizes.

There is pouch, and the correct name for it is the panniculus.

There is word for people who degrade others because of said “pooch”. 

There are actually a couple of words and the most socially appropriate one for me to call you is a “bully”.

The picture at the top compares two different size people and the bigger one, is me.

That line that runs from 00 to 32+, well as of now, if you look closely between the sizes 22-26 you will see, me. 

I am currently on a journey for better health. And in the last 5 weeks, I have lost about 20 pounds.

But, as I have said many times before, and will continue to for the rest of my life, I will love myself regardless.

Regardless of my place on that line. 

Regardless of the size of my panniculus. 

And regardless of what any shallow, superficial person has to say about it.

You don’t have to care about my opinion of how miserable of a person you must be to be so rude about some else’s appearance because the feeling is mutual, I don’t care about your opinion, either.

I don’t care one single, solitary bit about your opinion of me or my appearance. 

But, sadly, some other people, especially women, tend to.

So, on behalf of them, I would like to give you a big shout out. 

Here’s to you. Here’s to someone who is so insane that you actually think you have the right to shame someone else’s body.

You know what you deserve, you deserve to be slapped in the face by a flabby panniculus. 

You deserve to be sat on by a fat person, like me

However, you know what, most fat people just ignore your words or keep scrolling when reading comments of those like yours. 

Because unfortunately, society has made many fat people feel like they have no place, and no right to defend themselves. 

But not me.

The fact is, that if you watch a performance by Lady Gaga, or scroll by a picture of a fat person and automatically find something negative to say about the way someone looks, then you are better advised to just shut your mouth.

Just shut up, because believe me, no fat person needs you to tell them. 

Just like you don’t really need me to point out how lonely and miserable you really are to have to troll on someone for something like the size of their “pooch”. 

If the size of someone’s pouch is not visible, or if it’s noticeable from a mile away. Guess what? It doesn’t freaking matter. 
There is more to someone than what they look like, what their waist measures, or what you think of them.

Truth is you are probably still saying stupid, insensitive things about them because you don’t have any friends to tell you that it’s not appropriate. 

You don’t have friends, because you are mean. The people who could be your friends are probably fat. Or, they are friends with fat people and don’t like people who make fun of their friends. 

So if you don’t have anyone to tell you, let me make it perfectly clear, it is NOT acceptable to bully a fat person, a skinny person, or any person.

If you do know better and continue to make fun of fat people anyway… well, let me the first fat person to tell you, shame on you and screw you.

Go get a cheeseburger and practice shutting your mouth to eat it.

Trust me, it will taste better that the foul filth and hate you are used to spewing.

**This is not only a defense for fat people, I just identify with them personally. 

But if you make fun of skinny people or are rude or mean to them, either, then screw you too. Because everyone is made and built differently and NOONE, deserves to feel insecure because of the way they look or their size.

And, before you try to justify that you “care” about their health, or your “concerned” that they may not live long enough, just SHUT it. Shut up, shut up, shut up. 

Invite them out for a walk, have them over for a healthy meal, but never, NEVER, speak ill of their weight or size.

That’s not caring, that’s bullying. 

They are not the same and if you are even attempting to argue, defend, or justify right now, then stop and self reflect.
When you’re done reflecting on how ugly your heart is, then re-read this and get you a little perspective.

Don’t forget the cheeseburger. Oh, and add a side of fries, too.

Well wishes,



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