Get yourself some real friends!

Can we just take a moment to revel in how great of a series ‘Army Wives’ is? 
I have been so tied into this series and one of the greatest things about this show is how loyal and great, real friends the army wives are. 

Now, before you start rolling your eyes at me, I know that it’s a scripted, televised experience, but let’s bring it to the real world…

It’s no secret that we all have hard times in our lives. 

Having someone to lean on make the rough times a little easier. 

All the more, having someone you can laugh (yeah the ugly, snorting laugh) with is priceless. 

These people are the ones in our lives that we call our friends. 

Social status is often based on the amount of friends someone has. The higher the number of friends, the higher the hierarchy.  

Well… I’ve never been much of a conformist, so I’m just going to point out how faulty that is.

There is absolutely, nothing wrong with having as many friends as you can find. 

However, I feel confident that you shouldn’t share the all the innermost details of your life with some of these people. 

Real friends are about quality, not quantity.

In my opinion, its best to have a few tried and true friends that are always there for you and all the elements of a real friendship are understood.

There are some friends who want to be there for all the highs of your life.

When everything is going well and you are really prospering and happy they are at your right hand. 

Until they aren’t.

Sometimes, certain friends disappear when things get hard. They suddenly don’t text, call, or visit anymore. These friends are flaker friends. 

Now, I’m not saying you have to have a lot of contact with someone for them to be a good friend. 

Heck, I have friends that I only talk to a few times a year. But I know that at any moment I could call about literally anything and they would be there, no questions asked, regardless of the circumstances. 

And, let there be no doubt about it, it would be the same way for me in return. 

I love these friends no less than any of my very close friends, but life has just gotten in the way.
There was never a certain thing that happened except life. Graduation, college, moving, careers, marriages, babies, and various other forms of life’s curveballs have just gotten in the way. 

Yes it is a very sad thing, but it’s just a fact that life takes different courses for different people. It is always a joy to run into these friends and catch up.

For me and my friends, it usually happens during our hometown county fair which is something I look forward to every year!

In a similar, but different way there are the select few, real friends in my life. 

The ones that have been there through thick and then. 

The ones who have laughed with me and cried with me. 

Ones who have celebrated with me and ones that I have fought (really, mean ugly fights) with. 

Ones who I have disconnected and reconnected with. 

These are the friends that know everything about me. All my glorious triumphs and all my dark secrets. 

The ones who don’t mind my bold mouth, my colorful attitude, or my blunt honesty. 

The ones who tell me what I need to hear. 

The ones who push me and comfort me.

The friends that I can trust 100%, with any information and never have to watch my back when I’m around them, because they always have my 6. 

Those are my quality friends. 

Those are my real friends.

Do you know which friends are your real friends? 

Well wishes,



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