Rain is a good thing! 

I love rainy weather.
I don’t mind the sound of thunder or watching lightening strike in the distance.

I love to sit by my window and watch raindrops roll down.

I love to walk outside to a breeze and a overcast day.

I love the sound of rain on the roof, and the giddy feeling in my gut when I sit in the car when it’s pouring down. 

I have always enjoyed sitting on the porch on a warm summer night and watching a thunderstorm in the sky.

My husband always looks at me and smirks when I say “it’s a beautiful day” on days that aren’t bright and sunny.

I guess I’m weird like that. But there’s just something nostalgic about it all.

My peaceful place, the one I visit in my mind when things around me are a little too chaotic, is the beach. 

Imagining the sound of waves crashing, the smell of salt in the air, and the sound of seagulls is almost a guarantee to relaxation. 

However, my ideal day on the beach isn’t a sunny one like most people’s. I love everything about the beach, except I would rather have the drizzle of rain. 

For as long as I can remember I’ve loved the rain. 

As a little girl, before my parents had a porch, I used to sit in our doorway under an umbrella, just to be able to be present with the rain.

Sometimes I would grab a jacket and head out to dance in it. 

As soon as it would slack up, I would find the nearest puddle to splash and play in. 

On Sunday’s, in between church services, my childhood best friend and I would search the pastures near our house to go mud riding in.

Today, I opened my back door and stuck my hand out just to feel the drops hit my hand.

There’s just something about the rain.

Something that I need. 

Maybe it’s the memories of sitting under that umbrella, waiting to spin tires and sling mud, or the reflection of time.

Maybe it’s the peace and joy I feel.

It has a way of reminding me to be humble. 

Life is like a sunny day, at least we hope, filled with happiness and fun. 

We also need to remember that life has rain and sometimes, even thunderstorms, too.
I think that’s one reason I love the rain. Because even when it’s pouring, there’s still something good in it. Something beautiful about it. 

I think that’s how it keeps me humble.

Because from the rain comes great things. 

I have weathered some rain.

It was in those moments of downpour, I’ve learned some of great things. One of which being the sun will shine again. 

The rain reminds me of how strong I am, where I came from, and everything in life I’ve overcome. 

I like the sun, but I love the rain. 

How do you feel about the rain?

Well wishes, 



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