A final goodbye.


I don’t like you, so we may as well just call a spade a spade.

You’re selfish and that’s why you damage most of the relationships in your life.

You are manipulative, deceptive, and narcissistic.
You can never take responsibility for your own actions.
You don’t have the ability to admit when you’re wrong or at fault.

You are also a jealous and self-destructive person.

I don’t know if you try to sabotage everything good in his life because your own has amounted to nothing, but seriously, it’s time for you to back off.

You see, the person that you constantly try to cause problems for and ruin things for, well he’s the most important person in the world to me and he deserves so much better than you.

He deserves someone to cheer him on.

He deserves someone who actually tries to help him for reasons other than to use him.

He deserves someone who will defend him to the bitter end.

He deserves someone who is proud of him in his weakest moments.

He deserves someone who values him
for who he is.

He deserves someone who isn’t just associating with him to advance their personal desires.

He deserves someone to have his back when it seems like everyone else in the world is against him.

He does not deserve to be exiled from the rest of his family because you can’t grow up and act civil at family functions.

He does not deserve for you to try and downgrade every accomplishment he has ever made.

He does not deserve your pathetic guilt trips because he actually made something out of his life.

He does not deserve someone that tries to constantly cause problems.

He does not deserve to have someone walk in and out of his life when it’s convenient or when they want something from him.

He does not deserve to be taken advantage of for your benefit.

All this time, I have kept my peace and only spoken up with when absolutely necessary.

Well, those days are over.

When you mess with him, you mess with me.
And, I don’t like to be messed with.

No longer will you treat him the way you do.

No longer will you use him.

No longer will you abuse your “title” to get your way.

No longer will I stand by and keep my mouth shut to try and preserve the relationship that you don’t really care at all about.

No longer will you be a toxin in his life.

No longer will you guilt trip him for earning things that he has worked hard for.

No longer will you try to transfer your phone miserable failed life into a reality for him.

No longer will you be involved in his life if your only going to have negative effects on it.

I mean, that shouldn’t be a problem since you have told him quite a few time to “forget he knows you”.

But, that was on your terms because you still think that if you need something or have an issue, that he is still at your disposal.

Well, let me make this clear, he is not.

This time, it’s on his terms.

I will stand behind him, or in front of him if I need to when it comes to you.

I will enforce what is best for him with an iron clad fist from now on when it comes to you.

You have not seen crazy, yet, unless you try some of your nonsense again.

Ahh, and finally,
Is it time you give someone the final goodbye?

Well wishes,


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