What no one tells you about being a nurse, but should!! 

Just a little background, I started my Nursing career working in on a Ortho/Med-surg floor in a one of my states larger hospitals.

 I currently work with special needs and requirements children  as elaborated on in this article:


I also see patients in a clinic for their Annual Wellness Visit, which is working with insurance in a way that is similar to case management. 

When you choose Nursing, there are certain things you expect but here is a short list that nothing prepares you for until you find yourself smack dab in the middle of it!!

15. From the day you start nursing school and as long as your career lasts your time is scarce.

  • Just go ahead and divide your time into 1/4ths and then divide that in 1/2 again.

14. You will never be prepared for how a dirty needle stick will scare all the life out of you.

  • There is no preparation for how you will feel knowing that you may have just contracted something and the wait to get the blood work results back will feel longer than eternity! 

13. You will have days that make you think about changing careers. 

  • I can’t even begin to count how many times I thought of everything else I could have chose! Some days you will hang your head in defeat and think, “why on earth did I choose this career?” Hang in there, though, another day is coming that will remind you EXACTLY why!! After all, in nursing school we are taught that “why” isn’t a therapeutic communication technique! Go ahead and give me the eye roll I deserve, it’s definitely warranted!!

12. Nursing school is hard… it just is. No ifs, ands, or buts. It’s hard!! Don’t believe me? Go sign up, we would love to close the shortage gap a little more! 

11. You will never really have a break.

  • Even on your days off you will still be busy and it never changes. There will always be left over house work, food to cook, bills to go pay, etc. Oh, and those friends and family to visit, see number 15!

10. It is ok to take a 5 min hiatus to the toilet (and cry if you need to).

  • I promise you, the world will keep lasting if you aren’t available for 5 minutes. 

9. Your feet will ache, and feel like someone roasted them with a propane blowtorch!

  • I quickly learned that one of the most important investments that you can make in the beginning is a good pair of shoes. Shoes will wear out quickly so get the best pair you can find, it’s worth that extra $$, every. single. time.

8. You will feel like you have trained for a 5k in a shift.

  • Yes, that little old lady really does need her ice refilled for the 4th time cause it melted the other 3 times. You will find yourself making triple trips when you were literally “just. in. that. patients. room.” 

7. You will be convinced that zombies do, in fact, exist.

  • Primarily because you will feel like one, especially if you work night shift. You will never get enough sleep. It’s just one of the joys of the life you’ve chosen!

6. You will need new work shoes every 3-6 months. Seriously, not kidding at all. See number 10! 

5. Scrubs are freaking expensive. 

  • Be prepared to drop about $200 bucks on 2-3 pairs of scrubs, even more if you buy the really good, comfortable ones! Once again, worth every penny!

4. No matter how smart or experienced you are, you will still feel like a lost duck sometimes. 

  • There will be times when things aren’t where they are supposed to be, you can’t find anything and that little lady needs her ice filled again. And let’s not even talk about trying to learn a new charting system. 

3. The job isn’t always rewarding. 

  • There are going to be times that will not be all that you expected. You will discover that the phrase “Nurses are overworked and underpaid” is 100% true.

2. You will never forget what losing your first patient feels like. 

  • It’s always a sad feeling and leaves you questioning your every move, wondering what more you could have done. Sadly, death is inevitable and as a nurse you will see too much of it. 

1. Patients are mean sometimes. 

  • And their families can be worse!! Be assured that there will be some that will make you rather pull every hair in your head out by the roots than to have to spend one more minute with them!! 

**Regardless of the cons, there is nothing in the world like Nursing. If you chose a nursing career for the right reasons, then there will never be anything else you’d rather do! 

Well wishes, 



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